Problem solver. 
Question asker.
Story teller.
List maker.


I'm from Canberra. "Where's Canberra?" you're probably asking, I'm right, you're about to Google it, how about I just save you the time and you can click here. If you have heard of it, you probably don't think much of it, how about I change your mind by having you click here.  I've recently swapped 380 000 people for several million, because I like a challenge.

I'm a problem solver. How do I solve problems? By asking questions. Asking questions about questions, it's like the whole box inside a box inside a box inside thing. I think asking questions can often be mistaken for not being able to think for yourself, that asking a question is the easy way out of a problem. I disagree with this. I think asking questions is brave, there's no doubt that someone else wants the answer to the question you're asking. But where does asking questions get you? Well it gets you to the root of a problem and helps pick up any underlying issues - sometimes the problem you start with isn't the only one that needs to be solved, or isn't actually a problem at all. It helps to break down the problem so that you really know what you're working with. For me, this part of the creative process is the most fun.  

Communicating the answers to these questions is the next challenge. How do you take a load of information and turn into something easily understandable. Well, you tell a story.  Go on a trip (Not this kind of trip though - I only say trip because I can't stand the word journey). 

I also love lists, so here is a list - in no particular order here it is:

  • I get over enthusiastic when the butcher's paper comes out
  • I have to be the one holding the marker
  • I love a team brainstorm
  • I have a hot sauce addiction
  • I'm an aspiring crazy cat lady
  • I'm obsessed with red nail polish
  • I'm on a life long quest to find the perfect white tshirt
  • I don't believe in "out of the box thinking"
  • I believe there should be no box
  • I'm left handed
  • I'm a dedicated listener of My Dad Wrote A Porno - if you haven't do it now.
  • I can't leave the house without making my bed
  • I often get overwhelmed by my own to do lists and don't know where to start
  • I wait all year for my birthday just so I get to blow out my birthday candles
  • I love winter
  • My idea of a nice day is stormy grey clouds and and icy cold breeze


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